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The differences between the 2 diets is there a requirement to include fruits and vegetables or to add additional dietary supplements into our pets diet. PMR require 10% organs while BARF equire 5% organs. Basically PMR is for Carnivores while BARF requires 5% Omnivores.

Each flavour is crafted to bring specific benefits amongst improving overall health, strong dental health and more!

Great as a meal on its own or the perfect meal topper to increase palatability and a boost of protein, come discover the range today.


Whole Prey Model Raw (PMR)


The Prey Model Raw diet is almost similar to a wild dog's diet without requiring the dog to go out and hunt for prey. It is mostly focused on a diet of meat. There are no fruits, vegetables or even dairy products involved in the diet.


PMR diet aims to eliminate processed components commonly found in commercial dog food along with potential side effects associated with plant based diet.


Available in 6 flavours: Lamb, Duck, Beef, Chicken, Turkey and Salmon.

Absolute Bites Freeze Dried Croquettes (BARF)

Barf (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) or (Bones and Raw Food)


It is also a raw food diet but it involves uncooked meat, fruits, vegetables and even sometimes herbs, dairy and supplements.


Available in 4 flavours: Chicken, Pork, Turkey and Beef.