Benefits of Raw Diet

Feeding your pet a raw diet mimics their ancestral diet where it is specially designed to help them thrive. Benefits of a complete and balanced raw diet include

Higher Energy Levels

By alleviating the need to neutralise empty calories and toxins

Healthier Skin And Coat

Through essential amino acids and live enzymes

Cleaner & Stronger Teeth

With natural dental abrasive that prevent plaque and tartar build up

Smaller Stools

When your pet's digestive system absorbs all the nutrients leaving only the bare minimum

Transitioning to Raw

Feeding Guideline

AbsoluteBitesĀ® Freeze Dried Raw Food products must always remain raw when feeding. Please do not cook, heat, or microwave the products.

Items can be served as is or rehydrated using cool water or other choice of liquids including pet safe milk and bone broth. It is recommended to crumble and add 1/4 cup of liquid per two patties. When feeding dry, ensure that clean drinking water is readily available for your pets at all times.

Note: Optional to incorporate fruits & vegetables.