About Us
AbsoluteBites™️ recipes were created as a holistic product that is competitively priced without compromising the premium quality of the ingredients. Your pet’s health and wellness is our utmost priority which is why every ingredient is carefully sourced from trusted farmers.


With a passion to bring high quality diets to cats and dogs, Absolute Bites is committed to helping every pet enjoy and healthier and happier life. Through carefully crafted formulas containing only the best ingredients, we seek to not only help your pets thrive but also to put your minds at ease, knowing exactly what your furry friends are consuming. 100% natural delicious goodness, bring your pets a diet that contains absolutely no nasties with Absolute Bites today.


Since day one, Absolute Bites main goal is to harness the natural goodness of high quality ingredients to improve the quality of life of all pets. This is why all Absolute Bites range contain ingredients that are antibiotic and steroid-free proteins without added hormones.